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Cein Pamplona

The organizers of the Pamplona Emprende course were looking for a different and impactful video, which would summarize the course taught and express everything that the course contained and what the participants had learned in it. They came up with the idea of ​​making a video in kinetic type mothion graphics. Between ideation session and emails, the conclusion was reached to focus on the environment and give it a modern and current touch. The result is a short but striking video that, through musical rhythms in harmony with the visuals, makes the viewer not lose sight of it.


Creation of a video to summarize the Pamplona Emprende course taught by CEIN

  • Strategy

    Editor, Motion Graphics, Camerawoman

  • Design

    Art Direction, Mothion Designer

  • Client

    CEIN Pamplona

Open Project

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